Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Week 2 #31DaysOfMarch17 Prompt List!

So already I have begun to see some growth on my social media pages with this challenge, and thats with hardly anyone else joining in! Maybe people don't realise it only takes as little as one Instagram post a day on the prompt topic? That's all I have been doing in this first week!

Anyway, the prompt list for Week 2 is now here, and I hope that more people take advantage of it! I would love to hear stories of success using these prompts. They are simple, I know, but sometimes simplicity is what is needed to commit to that daily post.

Please take part, even for a week, and see if it helps your numbers to grow! If I can help even a few fellow bloggers with this, I will continue doing similar posts but it all depends on the results!

Quick overview of whats involved-

  • Use the prompt word to inspire a blog post or photo to be taken that day.
  • Post your pic, tagged with the prompt word and #31DaysOfMarch17. Use these tags, among others,  when sharing your post over social media. 
  • Watch your audience grow
You can read more about how this works and other tips to make the most out of the prompts here. 

You can do this challenge in less than 5 minutes a day, and with as little as one Instagram post. The more people who are involved, the more organic traffic we can see coming to our pages without the dreaded "like for like" type scenarios in all the groups. 

Stationary from The Works- Bargain! 

Day 8- #Light (Post on Wed 8th of March)

This prompt will kick the week off with a host of bright, airy images. It could be a well exposed shot, a pale colour or a bright sunny morning shot. You could take inspiration for a spring manicure using pastel shades or even play with lighting effects to create a more dramatic look.

Other # tags include: Bright, Dazzle, Radiate, Illuminate, Pale, Pastels.

Day 9- #Dark (Post on Thurs 9th of March)

This could be adapted to reflect a change to a more shadowy image, or even change to show a more sinister idea. Dark could illustrate evil  or ominous, or it could prompt some images illustrating depression or anger. There is a lot of things that could be done with this prompt. You could, of course, go for the obvious and choose an image with lots of dark colours, or even do an outfit post for your favourite LBD or you could focus on the night sky. So many options.

Other # tags include: Unlit, Gloomy, Grumpy, Nightsky, Brooding, Evil.

Day 10- #New (Post on Fri 10th of March)

You could show something new about yourself that your viewers don't already know- maybe a question and answer session, or share a pre filled questionnaire. You could show off some new purchases or an outfit that is yet to be premiered. Perhaps you are a DIY enthusiast- you could do an upcycling project and turn something from old to new, or even try a new activity and share your thoughts. There are many ways that this could be easily incorporated into a blog post as well as plenty of images.

Other # tags include: Shiny, Mint, Pristine, Upcycled, Shopping, Shopaholic.

Day 11- #Old (Post on Sat 11th of March)

This could be a post about an old favourite of yours- your most reliable jeans or shoes. It could be a photo of a classic car that you pass each morning, or an ancient tree in the park. You could create a portrait of your grandparents, or even a glimpse of your old life: your old school, old house, old room. You could show something that is worn out and tattered, or something that is familiar and reliable. Perfect opportunity to dig out the vintage pics!

Other # tags include: Vintage, Weathered, Antique, Historic, Mature, Throwback.

Day 12- #Natural (Post on Sun 12th of March)

You could show off your macro skills with some super closeups of butterflies or plant life, or go in another direction and display panoramic views of your favourite wildlife reserve. You could go in so many directions here: Animals, Plants, Weather, Habitat. This is where the creative juices can really start to go wild, and I would hope to see a vast assortment of different images across the feed. Try to get a balance between striking and interesting and I'm sure you will easily see the followers increase.

Other # tags include: Wild, Growing, World, Macro, Panorama, Scenery Beautiful, Pure.

Day 13- #Built (Post on Mon 13th of March)

Cue the architecture photos! Get snapping those buildings, cranes, boats, garden sheds, furniture even sculptures. Really you could include anything that has been made by man's (or woman's)  fair hands! 
Maybe you have a favourite building that you pass on your way to work or you are particularly fond of your treehouse in your garden. Whatever you want to showcase should be built.

Other # tags include: DIY, Handmade, Architecture, Buildings, man-made.

Day 14- #Ruined (Post on Tues 14th of March)

I love exploring old ruins- castles, historical sites, even hills with the odd stone that tells a story of something that once stood in it's place. There are pieces of history everywhere, and plenty of old, ruined buildings and structures that are still standing throughout the world. Showcase some of these locations and highlight the beauty in something that is rotting away before it is gone for good. You may prefer to showcase some of your artwork that has had an accident, or even a pice of clothing that has accidentally met with the scissors! However you explore this prompt, it should remond you that there is beauty everywhere, even when all seems to be lost!

Other # tags include: Broken, Dilapidated, Urban, Rubble, Wreck, Destroyed.


Don't stress out about this! It's all meant to be a bit of fun, and if you can't create something on any particular day, have a dig around your library of images. If you are anything like me, you'll have a collection of snaps that you have nearly used before, but didn't quite! One of them will do rather than nothing! If you miss a day, just start again from the next available day. Easy!