Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Week 1 #31DaysOfMarch17 Prompt List!

Image created with AB Seas and Billy Bosun's Stamp Sets & Photoshop
So following on from my last post, here is the list of topics as well as some inspiration and ideas on how to get started. I'm loving this challenge already as I am really thinking about how to adapt the prompts to fit my blog, but also trying to have some ideas on how others may make a start on them too.

Remember, you can put as much or as little time into this project as you wish. You could have a little journal or scrapbook that you use to do a quick drawing based on the prompts, or you could take a different selfie every day! It is totally up to you how to spin this!

You can use this as a basis for your only posts this month, or you can use it in addition to your normal posting schedule. It is completely up to you how and when you take part! If you miss a day, you can jump back on the next topic. You can get inspiration by doing some searches on google or Pinterest, or just dive in and see what feels right.

When tagging your posts, remember to use a mixture of tags with a high number of posts, as well as a lower number of posts to ensure you can get seen! Suggestions of other tags to use, in addition to the regular #31DaysOfMarch17 and topic tag are included below. I have given this as inspiration for those of us who may not be as confident in using Instagram as others, or maybe don't think about tagging their posts to get more exposure. I'm sure many of you will already know what you are doing with the prompts, and that's fab, but I like to be as helpful as I can to everyone, just incase!

Day 1- #Multicolour (Post on Wed 1st of March)

This prompt will create a sea of visually stunning images across our tag! Set up a tabletop of colourful bits and pieces or sweeties and take a bright pic, or you could even use photoshop and curves to manipulate an unrelated snap you have already taken. You could create an abstract painting, a rainbow manicure, or unicorn themed makeup. You could show a super bright tattoo, or your favourite vivid piece of art.

Other # tags you can use include: Colourful, Bright, Cheery, Rainbow, Coloursplash, Colours.

Day 2- #Monocolour (Post on Thurs 2nd of March)

This prompt will swamp the feed with images of a single colour. Whether it is a line drawing, illustration or journal spread using just one colour, you can create depth by using various shades. You could desaturate your image and cover with a colour on photoshop, or using a nice filter on your phone. You could write in pink ink on pink paper, or show an outfit inspiration made up of a single colour. Place accessories on a similar coloured background. As long as the end result is just one colour, you can do as you wish!

Other # tags you can use include: Singlecolour, Onecolour, Or even just the colour you have used. You can add to these by including Ilove or I heart or use emoticons. EG #ILovePink

Day 3- #Monochrome (Post on Fri 3rd of March)

Simple, black and white. Photography, paintings, charcoal drawings, sketches- so many options with simple monochrome. Stylish outfit inspirations, funky manicures, chess boards or 1950s themed kitchens and diners all pop into my mind when I think of monochrome.

Other # tags you can use include: BlackandWhite, Desaturated, Vintage, Classic, ShadesofGrey.

Day 4- #Filter (Post on Sat 4th of March)

This should be a nice easy one to do! Pick a photo and slap a filter on it! There! Done!
No? Prefer to make it more complicated? Well you could use an actual camera filter, or even a clear coloured sweet wrapper over your camera flash (but not the lense) to create some stunning effects. You don't necessarily even have to use a photo filter. Make some art with a coffee filter, or do some stamping with a cigarette filter. Take this and do with it as you wish!

Other # tags you can use include: Photography, Warm, Cool, or even the name of the filter used.

Day 5- #Nofilter (Post on Sun 5th of March)

This will be a simple, unedited, unfiltered image. You could be super brave and take a nomakeup selfie and have no filter. Pure You! Or you could find a scene so beautiful it has no need for meddling. However you approach this one, try not to get too caught up in everything looking perfect.

Other # tags you can use include: Raw, Pure, Unedited, Photography, Photos.

Day 6- #People (Post on Mon 6th of March)

This can be covered so many ways! A self portrait, a photo of your family or favourite people, a photo of a crowd. Or you could use this to inspire a painting, collage or other creation. You could collaborate with other people to create a joint piece, or use the tag to make a political statement. A quote, a statement about human behaviour. Make it look pretty, and get sharing!

Other # tags you can use include: Myfavouritepeople, Family, Friends, Gathering.

Day 7- #Animals (Post on Tues 7th of March

Whether you are an animal lover or not, this one will get a few views to your page. You could create something  using your favourite animal print, or take a stunning photo of your pets. Head outside into nature and wait for the perfect closeup shot of a squirrel or some insects if you're brave, or even take a trip to the zoo. You could do a bunny or chick manicure in time for Easter, or cut some paper to make a nice silhouette of your favourite creature. So many cute options to finish the week.

Other # tags you can use include: MansBestFriend, Nature, Catperson, Dogperson, Closeup, Bunny.


Don't stress out about this! It's all meant to be a bit of fun, and if you can't create something on any particular day, have a dig around your library of images. If you are anything like me, you'll have a collection of snaps that you have nearly used before, but didn't quite! One of them will do rather than nothing! If you miss a day, just start again from the next available day. Easy!