Saturday, 25 February 2017

Monthly Challenge! #31DaysOfMarch17

Hey guys, as I'm sure you can see from my last post I have been more than a little inactive recently. I would like to say I haven't had the time, but in all honesty, I have just bee really lazy! Well, working, doing up the house etc etc, but lazy in terms of being creative and blogging.

Anyway, I thought I would try to bounce back and decided to start off with a monthly challenge for March. I would love for you all to join me, as I think that if this was done on a mass scale, it would really help our stats and also allow us to discover some new blogging or Instagram friends.

This challenge is one that can be taken whether you are a blogger or just on Instagram. I'm sure you can even take part with your facebook or twitter pages too, if you like. Whatever your platform, I would love you to take part using the hashtag #31DaysOfMarch17

I have compiled a list of the overall weekly layout so far- it is a rough list, literally scribbled down for the sake of getting the idea onto paper, and not in any order yet. Be kind.

I will be posting the night before the beginning of each week (beginning on Wed 1st March) with a more detailed view of the weekly topics, with some suggestions on how to incorporate them into a creative photo or post. Of course, it is completely up-to you how to do this to tie in with your blog or Instagram theme or personality. I will order them to get the best possible results out of this- we want to swamp the feeds daily with our posts. Create a trend, maybe? If enough people take part, the sky is the limit! Please feel free to comment with an adaption to the list that you feel is missing!

How Does It Work?

  • The generic hashtags used each day means that our posts will be seen among the sea of others. Even among such a large group of people, at least a handful of our posts will be seen. As they click through to load more posts, they can also see our #31DaysOfMarch17 and click through there too. Curiosity will be our main factor in getting more traffic.
  • We will inadvertently be linked to each other, and will also be checking the 31 Days tag each day for inspiration and to see how other people are interpreting the daily prompt. We will probably end up making more blogging friends and followers as we discover others whose style we love. Sharing the love! 

How Do I Take Part?

  • Check this blog each Tuesday to find out the topics for the week ahead. (or take the full list, which will be added to a future post in a much nicer format than my scribbles) You can follow by email on the right hand side there, or all the other logos are linked too. take your pick!
  • Use the prompts as a starting point to create an image or a blog post for the day. Make sure it is fitting with the theme and style of your page so to attract the right audience moving forward. You can take part on your blog, or your Instagram page, or a combination of both. It is up to you what to post for each prompt, and be as creative as you wish! 
  • Post your pic with #31DaysOfMarch17 and also use the hashtag of the day, among others, to get your post seen. So, for example, on day 1, the theme is multi colour, so you would use #Multicolour as one of your tags when posting. 
  • Watch the traffic grow- this may not happen straight away, but by the end of the month, you should see more impressions, more views, more clicks, more likes. However you measure your page reach, you should see improvements. 
  • While mentioning any other blog or page isn't mandatory, it would be nice to share a little love- you could link back to this blog..... aherm, you know, if you want to let others know how to take part :) You can also Tag other bloggers who may not be taking part as a challenge for them to do so, or even mention other's who's attempts you have particularly liked.  You can put as much, or as little effort into this as you like. 
  • It would be also really nice to choose a few of the daily posts and leave a little comment once in a while. Again, not mandatory, but it would be nice :) 

What's In It For Me? 

  • Inspiration: A reason to create/ take photos/ post/ write regularly.
  • Increased Traffic: Probably. Hopefully. If all goes to plan!
  • Support: If everyone is as nice as I think they are, you will see the online community come together to support each others creations. 
So that's my proposal so far! I would love for this to inspire a lot of you, and look forward to browsing the results as they start to come up. Next, I will be working on the weekly lists and posting some ideas on how to move forward with them. Please feel free to share this with your friends, family, followers and anyone else you think may want to take part, or who may just like snooping other peoples creative stuff ;)